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Future Metallic Materials Hydrogen energy materials, secondary battery materials, electric vehicle materials, super metal, aero metal materials, ultra-steel, smart materials, high-functional energy materials, ultra-light metal, medical alloy, 3D printing materials, high-tech industrial materials, convergence materials, metal powder hydrogen energy materials, secondary battery materials, etc.
High value-added high-tech metal materials High strength steel sheet, extreme environment steel, earthquakeresistant/fire-resistant steel, high temperature heat-resistant steel, ultraheat-resistant alloy, high functional metal powder, high strength aluminum alloy, high strength titanium alloy, high corrosion-resistant magnesium alloy
Nonferrous Metals Copper, zinc, aluminum, tin, nickel, lead, titanium, gold, rare metals, etc
Processing Facility and Technical Equipment Metal processing facility and equipment, manufacturing facility, surface treatment, heat treatment analysis equipment
Eco-industrial · Safe-industrial Infrastructure Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, preserving water quality treatment of zinc residues, removal of oxide, reducing carbon emissions, slsg processing recycling, reducing particulate matter for improving working place environment.
Special Pavilion for
Future Metal
Materials Industry
Hydrogen and fuel cell metal tube · Hydrogen industry and secondary battery metal materials such as hydrogen production, hydrogen charging, hydrogen storage, and hydrogen utilization
Future Energy Metal Material Museum · Metal materials for future energy industries such as hydrogen energy, solar power, wind power, bio, and nuclear fusion
Next-Generation Mobility Metal Material Hall · Future vehicle metal materials such as hydrogen energy vehicles, electric vehicles, drones, and marine mobility
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